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 • Deliver STEAM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) classes taking into account the individual characteristics of each student. 

 • Organize classes for children aged 5-15 after school or on weekends in cooperation with specialized teachers. Note: teachers are not required to spend time at work other than teaching hours. 

 • Monitor children's attendance and participation during lessons. 

 • Prepare and submit a report to the Education management of Mars Academy in timely manner. 

 • Actively participate in Mars Academy promotional events and educational seminars. 

 • Support students in preparation for regional and international events. 

 • Understand, develop, evaluate and manage STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) training practices. 

 • Get as many professional development opportunities as possible by participating in the local and international trainings provided by company. 

 Working hours are flexible and determined in advance with the time-tables of the teachers. 

Interested candidates may submit CV and short letter reflecting their interests and experience to [email protected] 

 Note: All applications will be considered by Mars Academy. The shortlisted candidates will be invited for an online interview.

Namizəd üçün tələblər

Mars Academy team is expanding and we are seeking for the talented candidates that unite the following skills, knowledge and ambitions in their personality to become a successful teachers/trainers: 

 • Education in ICT, Engineering, and/or Pedagogical fields; 

 • Fluent Azerbaijani, Russian and/or English;

• Responsible, positive and flexible to work in dynamic teams; 

 • Being a leader and role model for kids;

 • Desire and ability to teach school children in informal and fun atmosphere; 

 • Constant interest to develop and go through training programs; 

 • Experience in research and content development.

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